Updated: A total of 525 coronavirus cases have been recorded at Sussex and Brighton

This includes 102 cases from last week

The University of Sussex recently released their latest coronavirus statistics stating that as of the 25th October, 102 students both on and off campus were self-isolating due to a positive test result.

This is a very slight decrease from the previous week’s statistics, however looking at the month holistically, the figures have skyrocketed. On the 4th October there were only 18 confirmed cases at the university, a number that has greatly increased as term has progressed. When added to the statistics for Brighton University, the total cases amount to 525.

The city of Brighton and Hove currently remains in Tier 1, however officials have warned of the possibility of the city moving into Tier 2 if the figures do not stop increasing.

The university has assured students on their website that they “have a clear plan in place for a range of potential changes, which is in line with guidance from the Government.”

More information and updates can be found here.

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