Sussex County sees dramatic increase in coronavirus cases within 24 hours

Does this surge in cases mean the people of Sussex should prepare for a local lockdown?

As reported today by the Argus, official figures report that 1,818 people have tested positive for coronavirus between 9am yesterday (Wed 21st), rising from 1,732 the same time Tuesday morning.

This staggering surge in confirmed cases, with 81 cases identified in 24 hours, means that the rate of infection in Brighton and Hove stands at 623 cases confirmed per 100,000 people.

It is important to note that West Sussex also has witnessed the largest rise within 24 hours with another 116 cases being confirmed, showing that Brighton and Hove is not exceptional with its rise in the number of Covid-19 cases reported in the county.

Alongside the 73 cases reported in East Sussex in the last 24 hours preceding 9am yesterday morning,  there have overall been 2,714 confirmed in the area.

The UK government have announced the staggering scale of the escalation of coronavirus cases as 26,688 in the 24 hours leading up to Wednesday morning 9am.

Now throughout the nation, there have been 789,229 Covid-19 cases verified.

As well as a rise in cases themselves, there has been a substantial increase in the rate of mortality within the period of 28 days following a person testing positive for the virus.

The confirmed deaths reported stood at 191 in the hours running up to 5pm on Tuesday. This devastating statistic takes the aggregate fatalities to a total of 44,158.

As the Argus have reported, the Government figures show that the number of death certificates referencing Covid-19 in the UK currently stands at 58, 164.

The 10pm curfew might just be the start of what could signal Brighton and Hove’s entry into a full lockdown.