VOTE: It’s the FINAL ROUND of Sussex’s Best Lecturer 2020

From 1803 lecturers, the final 2 have been chosen

Well, folks, it’s been a wild ride: after thousands of you nominated and voted for your favourite lecturers, we are incredibly close to determining who will be crowned winner of The Sussex Tab’s extremely prestigious award: Sussex’s Best Lecturer 2020.

In the last round, we saw excellent educators of all kinds: from mad scientist vibes, to cute kitties to the Cheeky Chatwins – this bunch certainly did not disappoint. It must be said that each and every one of those nominated are deserving of the title, but of course, there can only be one winner.

After an overwhelming amount of votes, you guys have whittled it down to the final two: but who are they? we hear you cry. Well fear not – we’ve reached out to our favoured finalists, and they are both flattered to say the least. But who will receive the winning vote and be awarded the ultimate title of Sussex’s Best Lecturer? That’s down to you – be sure to cast your vote down below!

Fiona Clements – School of Law, Politics and Sociology

First up, Fiona Clements, from the School of Law. As we discovered in the last round, Fiona is well renowned among law students for her sweet and friendly nature, making even the dullest of topics a little more bearable. In the words of one of her nominators: “She delivers content at a speed that is suitable to all, and considers everyone’s various accessibility requirements. Fiona for the win!”

Fiona’s response to hearing that she made to the final is enough to brighten up anyone’s day: “I can’t believe it! It’s amazing news and I’m chuffed to bits! Law students are a pretty special bunch, you know. I realise it might sound corny, but it’s a privilege and joy to teach them and then watch them go out into the big, wide world and challenge the status quo.

“By this stage in the term, all of us are feeling stretched and tired, and to think that my students have taken time out of their busy schedule to vote for me is incredibly touching.” And as if Fiona couldn’t get anymore lovely, she made sure to let us know that she thinks her competition, Andy Field, “is a total legend!”

Is this lovely law lecturer enough to capture you vote? Be sure to let us know in the poll!

Prof. Andy Field – School of Psychology

Best known amongst psychology students for his inspiring statistics lectures, Andy Field can usually be found in some form of fancy dress – and that’s not just for spooky season. Described by one student as “God’s gift to statistics”, he aims to spice up his potentially dreary stats lectures using songs, puppets, and a vast collection of hats. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s taken to online teaching like a duck to water, even writing and recording his own range of original stats-themed music videos. What more could you want?

Like the rest of us, Andy has been no stranger to new challenges this term; he told The Sussex Tab: “Honestly, this term (only four weeks in) has been maybe the hardest of my career. It’s been a real struggle both trying to translate the my live lectures into a similar online experience, but also trying to keep some kind of personalised experience when you can’t see your students in person. But it’s also been an opportunity to rethink how to deliver the content in interesting ways. I had a lot of anxiety about this term (still do to be honest), so it’s been an emotional rollercoaster for sure.” We love your honesty, Andy!

brb, just watching The Beast of Bias on repeat

When asked how he felt about his place in the final, Prof. Field told us it was “a motivational boost at a time when it is easy to get bogged down with the funk of this weird situation. I know that my students are incredibly busy (and stressed) trying to do all of the statistics that I’m torturing them with, so I’m incredibly grateful to anyone who has taken time out of their studies to cast a vote. It’s incredible.”

And, just when you thought Andy’s lectures couldn’t get any better, he seems to be inspired by the prospect of winning the Best Lecturer title, adding that “maybe a crown or tiara is what I need to inspire another medieval themed lecture.”

So there we have it – these final two have both proved themselves as nothing short of brilliant, but only one can be declared winner. So, for the final time, we ask you to vote for Sussex’s Best Lecturer 2020; will it be the university’s sweetheart, Fiona Clements, or will it be the legend that is Andy Field? Cast your vote below!