Updated: There are currently 43 Sussex students with coronavirus

This is a decrease from last week’s figures

As of the 18th of October, there are 43 confirmed cases of coronavirus at the University of Sussex, with 24 of those being off campus and 19 of those being on campus.

This is a smaller number in comparison to the 13th of October when there was a total of 76 confirmed cases, including one staff member. This was the largest number of self isolating students and staff recorded so far.

The official number of positive coronavirus cases in Brighton and Hove has only risen slightly in the last week. The most recent set of figures show a total of 242 positive cases which is only a 6.6 per cent increase from the previous week, although the rate per 100,000 people has risen from 78 to 83.

The University updates the current positive cases within the community every weekday at 3pm and and every Monday for the weekend here.