A group of Sussex freshers made a slip and slide in Northfield for no apparent reason

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening

There is something going around Northfield at the moment – as well as coronavirus, obviously. First we had the squirrel that broke in to eat five tortillas, then we had the fresher who got so drunk they head butted a fire escape light and gave themselves whiplash. Now what we have is a fuck load of tarpaulin, someone £20 poorer, and a Northfield flat with no washing up liquid left.

A bunch of Northfield students created, you guessed it, a big slip and slide in their halls because they were simply “very bored”. They purchased two deflated-looking inflatables, put on their best socks, and rolled out the tarpaulin – this was going to be a night to remember.

Gileta, the Sussex fresher who purchased the tarpaulin, said she “wasn’t drunk” when she came up with it but was just so bored she caved and bought a £22 tarpaulin – and there they were.

“I used up all my flat’s washing up liquid but it’s all good”, she told The Sussex Tab.

Martha, a fellow housemate, said: “We’d seen people do it in their rooms but wanted to go big so cleared out the kitchen and go for it. Northfield is actually the place to be when security isn’t stalking your door.”

The slip and slide was still there until this morning, when the girls had to quickly clean it up so other housemates could actually use the kitchen.

For footage of the slip and slide video, head over to The Sussex Tab’s Instagram account.