University of Sussex students are struggling to get Covid-19 tests

The nearest testing sites are four miles from campus

Students at the University of Sussex have been facing difficulty in getting tested for Coronavirus, due to the inaccessible location of the testing sites.

At present, the only available testing centres on weekdays are situated at East Brighton or Withdean, both of which are difficult to access from Falmer campus without public transport or the use of a car.

Students can also book postal tests, however they must use post offices located in Coldean or Moulsecoomb, both of which are two to three miles away on foot, and not practical for students who are supposed to be isolating.

First year Sussex student, Katie Dermody-Palmer told Brighton and Hove News “Some of my friends sent for a test by post only to learn that the only post box they could drop it off at is in Moulsecoomb which is not a viable option. I don’t know of anyone personally making the trip to the testing centre.”

A mobile testing unit has become available on campus for the past two weekends, however this is no use for students who require urgent testing during the week.

The University of Sussex has seen an increase in cases, reporting 67 positive cases on campus as of October 11. The Student’s Union has expressed a need for more practical testing options for students living in halls. In a statement given yesterday, they said “There will soon be permanent testing sites across the city: three Brighton walk-ins and a drive-in at Plumpton. These are not convenient for students on campus, as the University also understands, because they would involve travelling to receive a test when students should be isolating.

“However, from next week, the University should have up to 50 home test kits a day available via Deloitte, for the next month. They will be able to provide these to students who can’t order their own home tests”

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