We spoke to the Northfield Fresher from *that* fire escape light head butt video

To quote the Northfield boys: ‘We were wankered’

We’re not quite sure what’s going on with Northfield at the moment, they seem to be giving off weird vibes.

Over a week ago there was a squirrel who came in through a kitchen window and ate five tortilla wraps and this week one fresher has got so drunk that he ran and jumped up to throw his entire face against a fire escape light.

The video was first shared in the Northfield fresher group chat and it got a lot of attention, it’s since went viral on Instagram so naturally we had to get involved.

We spoke to another fresher who the head butting light guy lives with and he told us the circumstances in which the event took place. He eloquently stated: “We were so wankered, the light was slight broken so we got fucked and did that.”

Honestly, Northfield freshers are best thing about uni at the moment, he carried on to say that his friend has neck pain from the incident. He said: “It was a couple of days ago and we have watched it so many times and laughed – his head doesn’t hurt but his neck does from the whiplash. He feels fine apart from a hangover and red marks on his neck.”

We asked them what they would rate their night out of 10, naturally their answer was 10.

Head over to The Sussex Tab’s Instagram to see the entire video of the Northfield fresher head butting the light.