Nominations are open for Sussex’s Best Lecturer 2020

It’s like the Oscars, except the prize is ultimate bragging rights.

Well, this year has been a disaster to say the least. But (somehow) we’re still standing, and so are our lecturers. It’s been a weird and wacky rollercoaster. The days of watching our lecturers struggle with the most basic technology are long gone (I mean how hard is it to make a video full screen?). Now, we’re watching as they contend with what must be a technological nightmare; Zoom, Canvas, Panopto, and Padlet (does anyone actually know how this works?).

So, to show just how much we appreciate our hard-working lecturers, The Sussex Tab have arranged for some healthy competition. It’s down to you to nominate, and decide, who should be crowned the ultimate Sussex lecturer 2020.

So, what makes Sussex’s best lecturer?

We’re looking for the lecturers that make those dreaded 9ams a little more bearable, or perhaps those that have braved some questionable lecture content and kept their cool. It’s the one lecturer that the whole course knows and loves. The one we all wish we had as an academic advisor. The one that makes you jealous when your buddy has them as a seminar tutor.

This is your time to get them the recognition they deserve once and for all. Nominate them below – make sure to tell us exactly what makes them awesome enough to be awarded the prestigious title of Sussex’s Best Lecturer 2020.