Latest results for number of Sussex students tested positive for COVID-19 released

There 50 confirmed cases

Today, the University of Sussex have released the latest results for the number of active COVID-19 cases amongst students and staff.

As of today (October 8th), there are 50 confirmed cases overall, with 38 on campus and 12 off campus. According to the university, all of these cases are students.

This comes after all sports societies have been called on to temporarily suspend sporting activities until further notice.

The uni website ensures that: “The level of positive cases in our campus community, whilst obviously concerning for their welfare and of others, is not at a level whereby it should change our current mode of blended learning for students.”

“However, if the number of cases rises to a point that we feel that we need to restrict movement around campus, such as reducing the number of indoor spaces where people mix (even with face coverings on) we will do that. ”

It also provides guidance for those who find themselves suffering COVID-19 symptoms, with a link to a COVID-19 symptoms or self-isolation reporting form.

You can keep up to date with the latest news and seek guidance and information from the university here. 

If you find yourself showing symptoms of COVID-19, make sure to fill out the reporting form and seek guidance from the Government website.