‘It’s our job to do the best we can for students’: Brighton Rox host covid friendly events

This week Brighton ROX has begun hosting its Late Night Brunch Club

We have spoken to Brighton Rox and we can confirm they are here to save Freshers’ this year. They are hosting weekly Late Night Brunch events for all students – here’s more about the events how to get involved.

The guest can enjoy Unlimited Cocktails for 90 mins and a meal from their fantastic menu. Their main goal from this event is to provide incoming and returning students an amazing freshers experience.

Rox’s general manager, Janelle Rox, exclusively spoke to The Sussex Tab about their Late Night Brunch and the impact they want to make on this years Freshers. She said: “Students have definitely had the toughest time being left in the dark! We know how tough it is for them so we feel like it’s our duty to make the best out of what we are allowed to do for them.”

When asked what encouraged Rox to opt for a Brunch themed event, Janelle explained that it was the perfect idea as it’s always been on trend. She told The Tab: “”Brunch is something that fits perfectly with the guidelines and we can make sure they can enjoy their experience in the best way possible. Especially with bottomless drinks, I know that’s something every student loves to see!

“Due to bottomless brunch being quite an expensive event to host, we don’t make much money from the ticket sales, we felt it was more important to prioritise the freshers and give them what they deserve this year. We also wanted to prioritise our staff (a lot of them students themselves) and ensure we could pay those staff who rely on that income!”

It’s no secret when we see that some Freshers events have already got out of hand this term, Janelle made it clear that they have every intention to follow government guidelines and also make sure it’s equally safe and fun. She told The Tab: “We have worked long and hard with the venues to ensure we provide a coronavirus safe space for the event! Firstly, tables are limited due to us being aware of not over crowding the venue, we didn’t want to over load and risk people’s safety. We have stated that groups must arrive together with their temperature checked on arrival, if you arrive separately you will be rejected, everyone must wear masks until seated and must also download the NHS track and trace app when they arrive. With all these safety precautions put in place, we have also ensured there are staff there to enforce these regulations along with security those who refuse to comply with the rules will be asked to leave the venue”

Janelle also added they have chosen to work with venues that have not faced any issues with coronavirus in the past and also have gone down in person to check out the venues. This is to make sure that all necessary precautions are taken.

The next events

Hip hop hooray brunch @ chalk – Saturday 10th October (weekly)
The Friday Night Brunch Project @ North Laine – Friday 16th October (weekly)
Oktoberfest @ North Laine – Wednesday 21st October