Results have been released for the number of Sussex students who have tested positive for COVID-19

There have been 18 confirmed cases so far

The University of Sussex has recently released on their website the statistics stating the number of Sussex students who have tested positive for coronavirus, added to by the results of the recent COVID-19 testing centre that was erected on campus last week.

The temporary testing centre allowed testing for up to 400 students per day and has been positioned in the Arts car park over the weekend.  As of the 4th of October, the university has reported eight confirmed on-campus and 10 off-campus cases. The results are set to be updated twice a week, however the specific accommodation locations will not be revealed for privacy reasons.

A spokesperson for the university has said that “Of course, if the number of cases amongst our community escalates then we would ensure that this is communicated appropriately to ensure the health and safety of our community and those in the wider local area”

“At the present time, we are advised that the level of positive cases in our community is not at a level whereby it should change our current mode of blended learning for students.”

The website also gives advice to students who have experienced COVID-19 symptoms, providing an online form to inform the university that you will be self-isolating.

The full statistics and more information can be viewed here.