BREAKING: A squirrel invades a Northfield flat to eat tortilla wraps left on the side

Just another day on campus tbh

Freshers waking up in Northfield flat this morning were greeted by an unexpected visitor – a squirrel.

It was reported by the Freshers living inside the flat that the squirrel made it in via the kitchen window which they always leave open as it gets very hot in their kitchen, one Fresher told the Tab Sussex.

Ella, who is one of the Freshers living in the flat, exclusively told The Tab Sussex that she is now “too scared” to go into the kitchen as she fears that she will let the squirrel out.

Whilst speaking to The Tab Sussex, Ella said that the is “so hungry” as well as now not having any wraps left because the squirrel ate them – “but we move,” she added.

The biggest concern now is whether the squirrel is still in the flat kitchen. Ella told The Tab Sussex, “There was a full pack of wraps and I only ate one – the squirrel has ate five wraps and I am not happy about that.”

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