All the small things your housemates do that annoy you but you never call them out for

I’m sick of watching Tenable

Moving into a new house with your mates after your first year is pretty exciting. The thrill of being able to pick your housemates rather than being randomly allocated flatmates is like a dream come true. That’s until you actually experience living in a student house – those rose tinted glasses will soon come off.

It is no doubt that students can be rancid, weird and have strange habits but that’s what makes them loveable. Plus we’re all to scared to call any one out for being weird because we know, deep down, that we are just as weird as they are – if not more.

We have compiled a definitive list of all the things your housemates do that really get on your tits but you’ll never call them out for doing it. Without further ado, here’s the awful housemate habits:

Turn off the wifi at THE WORST times

Everyone hates a slow wifi connection, but it’s even worse when your housemate decides the best time to reboot is whilst you are mid zoom in a seminar. I hope your data plan is significant because your hotspot will definitely be needed in these zoom orientated times.

Race for the morning shower

You’ve woken up, you’ve placed your towel in the bathroom ready for your morning shower but you nip back to your room to grab a hairbrush, before you return you hear the agonising sound of the bathroom door close and the lock follow shortly after. Being beaten to the shower is not the best way to start your morning, but its worse being woken by your housemates arguing over who gets to go first. My personal advice would be to always go for the bedroom closest to the bathroom, it makes life a whole lot easier, and you will always win the race.

Be prepared for this scene to become reality during exam season

Constantly watch Quiz TV shows

Not only do you get the daily doses of ‘Tenable’, ‘Tipping Point’ and ‘The Chase’, when you live with keen quiz show watchers you come to discover the TV channel ‘Challenge’ which basically plays episodes of ‘The Chase’ and other quiz shows ALL…DAY…LONG! On the plus side, by the end of the year you and your housemates will be pub quiz experts.

Slightly less sophisticated than University challenge

Decide to home gym

Hungover and fancy a lie in? Unfortunately not possible when living below a housemate who decides to lift weights at 10am every morning. Now that people are less keen to pay a visit to the gym the home gym has become a much more popular option, and unless you are also keen to get fit during this pandemic this could just become an inconvenience. I can confirm the house gym gets even louder when your housemate decides to purchase a punching bag and put it up on the side of your house on the other-side of your bedroom wall…grrr.

Stick to the benching and leave the deadlifting in the gym pls

Borrow your clothes but never return them

Lending your favourite top to your housemate is a dangerous game, you may never see it again, except from on your their insta story. And boys, you should know by now that if you lend your jumper to your female housemate, it will be adopted, speaking from experience the girl may even take this jumper to another country for a year, so watch out.

Leave crumbs in your butter

On the topic of stolen goods, you will more than likely be a victim of stolen food whilst living in a student house. This may start by your housemate borrowing a dash of milk, but next thing you know your orange juice is near empty, your potato waffles are down by two and there is a suspicious spoon shaped scoop in your chocolate spread. Unless you are prepared to padlock your cupboard space and fridge drawer, this is something that you have to learn to accept, and payback might become your only option.

Talk during The Great British Bake off

It may seem like a small thing, but Bake off demands FULL attention. Starting a conversation during Bake off will not be tolerated and will result in copious amounts of pausing and rewinding, what you thought was 1 hour of the show becomes 2.5 hours.

Seriously though, its Bake off time, STFU

Have ‘boy talk’ at inappropriate times

As housemates we all want to console and give advice to one another, however, seeking this advice at 3am in the morning when you are extremely drunk when we have a 9am lecture is not ideal. We would much prefer if you seek this advice at a much soberer time and when I am not in my underwear half asleep.

Have VERY loud sex

Sex in a student house is to be expected. But seriously, if it’s louder than my Netflix show, it’s too loud.

Get coronavirus

Possibly the most annoying thing your housemate could do right now. Be prepared to get to know your housemates a lot more intimately during your two week quarantine.

Despite these small annoying things your housemates will inevitably do, living in a student house is such a great and fun experience which will largely shape your time at university. And one day you and your housemates will look back and laugh on these small things, even if they make you feel like screaming right now.