How to survive lockdown in Brighton from those who have done it

An essential guide on how to make the most of your home by the sea, even if we head into another national lockdown

Summer is officially over and university life is ready to return to normal – well, the ‘new normal’. There’s an air of anticipation across the nation as students make their way back to campuses, and some say hello to their friends and housemates for the first time since March. Headlines over the past week have warned of the increasing likelihood of a second national lockdown as Boris Johnson announced last week that the UK is now officially “seeing a second wave” of COVID-19.

At this point a second, or partial national, lockdown is looking imminent; and so The Sussex Tab have compiled a survival guide for those of you looking for suggestions on how to do lockdown the Albion-way.

Brighton and Hove is famed for being a spot where city, beach and countryside all meet; and yet so many students never actually see it in daylight  – running from Coalition to Seaside Kebab surprisingly doesn’t provide a great insight of what’s to offer.

The Under-cliff Walk

Starting at the Marina, this quaint little footpath provides some of the most incredible views out to sea, and of the cliffs running between Brighton and Rottingdean. Within 50 minutes you’ll arrive in Rottingdean, a small village nestled between the cliffs, often the subject of picture-perfect postcards of quintessential British tourism. Maybe you can grab a takeaway coffee or fish and chips, or even purchase some local artisan chutneys made locally in Sussex. When you’re ready to head back you can walk back over the top of the cliffs for a change of scenery, and you’ll be back in Brighton before you know it.

Undercliff walk


The boundary between Brighton and Hove has always been hazy, but the well-known landmark of the i360 tends to be the marking point. Perfectly within walking distance of central Brighton, and also easily accessible by bus and train, Hove will be your new best friend if you want to forget the stresses of student-living and admire the slightly classier houses. Referred to as ‘Chelsea-by-the-sea’ by some, Hove is the perfect place to splash your student loan on an overpriced croissant or honeycomb latte.

Devil’s Dyke

This natural landmark is a v-shaped valley that provides some spectacular views of the South Downs, and all of Brighton and Hove. Located 5 miles outside of Brighton, it is the perfect place to alleviate the stresses and anxieties of lockdown life. Accessible by bus, car or foot, Devil’s Dyke is the perfect place to witness the sunset over the South Downs.


Just an 8 minute train journey from Falmer, Lewes is another fantastic Sussex spot to check out. Famed for its annual Bonfire night, Lewes has an array of castles, parks, shops and cafes to keep you occupied during these upcoming months. You could even walk from campus over the hills – it takes approximately two hours and 20 mins and is also the perfect spot for a Sunday roast.

Walk to Lewes from Campus

Stick to a routine or schedule 

An easy way to combat the daunting possibility of being confined to your student-house is to plan your day. Yes, you may decide you want to lay-in a little longer in the mornings, unless you have a 9am zoom of course, but even then you’ll be far more productive if you get yourself up and start uni work at a reasonable time. It’s just as important leave your books alone after 5pm too! Just because you’re in a national lockdown, it doesn’t mean you have to feel like you’re in a prison.

A healthy body means a healthy mind

Just because you’re unable to head to the gym, it doesn’t mean your body has to suffer for it. Remember the days of the 5k challenge on insta? Although running may not be your thing, there’s plenty of other exercise options to fit everyone. Re-download your Strava app and whip out those trainers – it’ll be worth it.

Try watching videos online or take part in a Brighton scheme, like the hire bikes located around the city – perfect for exploring Brighton, but also to work up a bit of a sweat. Tennis and table tennis are other great options too, with public tables and courts in parks such as Preston and Blakers.

Recreate a night-out from your favourite Brighton club at home 

For most people, going out is a big part of being a student. Decorate your living room like the cheese room in Pryzm, buy some VK’s and blast ‘Come on Eileen’ to your hearts content. Or how about you whip out the jägers and host a Chalk Monday of your own?

Looking for other inspiration? Try hosting a games night of your own: drinking-Jenga (write forfeits on the backs of the slabs), Monopoly, or Cards Against Humanity are some of our personal favourites. Heard of beer pong? Why not try Prosecco pong, or shot pong? Or literally any-leftover-booze-in-your-cupboard pong? If we go into another lockdown, one housemate will inevitably head home, so raid their shelves – they won’t know or mind.

Expand your culinary skills

For most of us when it came to the last lockdown, food became a focal point in our lives to assist in keeping spirits high. Eating together with your housemates can easily be made into an event for entertainment and sustenance purposes.

Host a formal. Why not pull out your old suit or dress from prom and cook a fancy meal together as a house? Prosecco and champagne work well with basically any meal, and you can even splash out on dessert.

If dressing up isn’t your thing, host a ‘Come Dine With Me’ week as a house. Recreate this British cultural classic and spend a week taking it in turns to impress each other with your culinary finesse. Make sure to keep a scoreboard and even come-up with a prize for the winner, what a great way to spice-up your sad little life Jane…

Netflix, Netflix and more Netflix 

As we begin to head into winter, television will be a blessing in the form of a wonderful way to waste your evenings.

Whether you’re binging the Harry Potter movies or discovering Game of Thrones for the first time, TV is definitely something that won’t get old and is essential for getting through these tough times. Maybe don’t spend all your time watching Selling Sunset or KUWTK though – your seminar tutors probably won’t be as impressed at your knowledge of Beverly Hills real-estate as you are.

Let’s pray it doesn’t come to another lockdown, but if it does, at least you now you know how to handle yourself in style.