A new walk-through coronavirus testing centre has opened in Brighton

The site was constructed with just 48 hours notice

A new ‘walk-through’ coronavirus testing centre has opened in East Brighton Park, as demand for tests increases among residents.

The testing centre could open as early as today.

This comes after the closure of the temporary testing site at the Amex last month, which resulted in some Brighton residents being offered tests as far away as Cardiff and Leicester.

The site was constructed in only five hours, with only 48 hours notice, Tom Stovold, director of Southern Events Group, involved in the assembly of the centre, told The Argus.

“It’s a big team effort and took about five hours.”

Unlike drive-through centres, this testing site is designed to be ‘walk-through’, Mr Stovold reported:

“There are individual booths, 15 individual cubicles where people will be given a test – it is quick and safe and there is good airflow in the structure.”

“There could well be more in Brighton as demand grows.”

The Department for Health and Social Care told The Argus that “at least two” additional regional sites could arrive over the next few weeks, which would have the capacity to test “hundreds of people a day”.

Featured image: SWNS