The University of Sussex bans all guests in student on-campus accommodation

The new rule comes just before move-in day

The University of Sussex is banning guests from on-campus accommodation.

Alongside the recently published government guidance which states that meetings of six can still happen indoors, Sussex University has advised against guests in university accommodation. They have made this change in line with the new “rule of six” so that numbers in student accommodations do not exceed six, as most bubbles are already six people.

An email sent to students from the Housing Services Manager stated: “According to UK Government advice and for the health and safety of all residents within your University managed household, no guests from are permitted within your household.”

It then goes on to state: “Students are welcome to bring one person to support them during their arrivals time slot, but guests are not permitted after this temporary period. If this situation changes, the University will let all students in residence know at the earliest opportunity.”

Whilst the need to limit social interactions and social distance is apparent, especially with the University’s lack of testing, stopping freshers having friends and family over may make settling into University that bit harder.

After freshers’ housing was reallocated last minute and international students are being charged £25 for a self isolation food box worth £8.46, in a housing confirmation letter emailed to students, the new rule was first mentioned just days before students are due to move in.

There seems to be confusion around the new guidance as the accommodation handbook still states “You are allowed to have guests overnight in your room on an intermittent basis.”

A spokesperson from The University of Sussex has stated: “We know that students are incredibly keen to do their bit to limit the spread of Covid-19, as they have been for the past six months. It’s extremely important that we all abide by the law and Government guidelines.

“We have already seen encouraging levels of support from students for our new Community Pledge, introduced this morning. Where we can make it easier for people to understand their responsibilities and current laws, we will of course always do so.”