Sussex uni releases ‘new Community Pledge’ to students

This comes as students and university staff prepare for the Autumn term

Around ten o’clock this morning (17th Sept) Sussex students received an email from Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education, Kelly Coate, entitled “Introducing our Community Pledge.”

In the email, Coate acknowledges that is “an extraordinary time” to be part of the Uni community at the moment given the pandemic and says that we must support one another “by acting with mutual respect and care”.

Coate brings up the Sussex values that she wants students to uphold, which are as follows – kindness, integrity, inclusion, collaboration, and courage.

Inserted in the email is the Community Pledge, which Coates urges recipients to take the time to read through then to give a name (optional) then to agree to accept.

The pledge asks that students make sure to “follow Government and University guidance related to minimising the spread of Covid-19.” It is also said that students must ensure that they stay informed with the latest information.

Students are asked also to observe all of the typical Covid-19 safety measures. If a student should find themselves with Covid-19 symptoms, they are to “report these using the processes within the University and follow guidance to self-isolate and request a test.”

The final point in the pledge asks students to understand that “this is an ever-developing situation – one which requires everyone’s ongoing attention and vigilance.”

Inserted at the end of the pledge is advice on raising a concern about behaviour you find to be inappropriate, stating that university staff will be able to help or, in a more serious case, the University Security Team or the Police.

Show your support for the pledge to keep our University community safe during the pandemic here.