BREAKING: Sussex University is not providing its students with coronavirus tests

Students will be expected to book their tests via the NHS

The University of Sussex has stated that they will not be providing their students with coronavirus tests, The Sussex Tab can reveal.

Instead testing is available to students via the NHS, just as it was prior to returning back to the University. Whereas other Universities such as Exeter and Nottingham are ordering private tests for their students.

Reportedly, the Department of Health have recently announced three new walk in centres for coronavirus testing are set to be opened in Brighton. The University of Sussex will share these locations via The Student Hub, a spokesperson for the University stated.

The same spokesperson for The University of Sussex exclusively told The Sussex Tab that the University is encouraging all students to use the Track and Trace app. The stated: “A key focus for the University will be supporting the Government’s new Track and Trace app, which launches on 24 September.

“We will be promoting this heavily all across campus and it will be a key tool in alerting students if they need to self-isolate and contact NHS 111, because they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive.” The spokesperson also said that the University has explored a number of options for testing and will continue to do so.

Given than thousands of students, from both Brighton, Sussex and other educational institutions all live amongst the residents in Brighton, it is incredibly important testing is available. This is due to the vulnerability of the residents in Brighton which comes as a result of poor health and old age – as well as the students health and safety also. Given the importance of keeping everyone safe, the spokesperson from Sussex stated: “We know it’s a concerning time and we’ve been working tirelessly throughout the summer to prepare the University, in line with all official guidance, to reduce the risk of transmission on campus and across the city.”

The University of Sussex understands that everyone has a role to play in keeping each other safe, they encourage all students to use the safety measures put in place. They urge all students to use this online form to inform the University whether they have COVID-19 and need to self isolate.