‘Now I don’t even want to go’: Sussex freshers’ halls re-allocated at the last minute

Move-in day is this weekend

It was announced today that freshers who are coming to the University of Sussex have been informed they are going to be re-allocated rooms just days before moving to the University.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Kelly Coate emailed students this morning to let them know these changes were taking place. However, students were already aware of this since last night when their housing portal was updated with different rooms.

One student told The Sussex Tab that as a result of these disruptive changes they no longer want to come to the University. She stated: “There was no email prior to these changes which warned us it was going to happen. People are being changed based on their course and other students are grouped on medical needs. I am seriously considering not going.”

In an email sent to students today, Coate states these changes were made in response to the UK Government’s recent advice. Coate says: “All of this is being done because your health and safety is our top priority – and they are also designed to ensure that you can get the most out of your time at University.

“This is why I am writing to all students who will be living in on-campus University accommodation to let you know that due to the latest UK Government advice we will make a slight change to your allocated on-campus University accommodation.”

In the email students were assured they are all still guaranteed a place in on-campus accommodation, however for those who have been re-allocated it was stated in the email the University will be in touch about their new room in the “next few days” despite freshers moving in this Friday.

Students can expect to remain in the residence they were originally allocated, however they will be in an entirely different flat cluster. In the same email, students were encouraged not to contact the University or Housing team directly as “there is no need.”

Students who are set to move into Sussex over the next coming weekend have aired their concerns and distress at such a big change being made with no notice or warning. One student stated they are annoyed at the University for being vague with new room allocations, adding: “I think it’s just like how late notice it is like there’s literally people moving in in three days it’s ridiculous.

“Also like I had arranged stuff with people in my block already had gotten to know my flat mates and now I can’t even find a single person in my new flat and only have a few days before well all actually be going there.”

One other student said they have not yet received an email from the University and she was concerned. She told The Sussex Tab: “I haven’t had an email and now I have a whole new flat with people I’m not friends with after spending weeks making friends with people in my old flat. I really liked them and now the new flat aren’t even on my course and that  was apparently the whole reason they’ve changed our rooms.”

Another student told The Sussex Tab the University has already “messed” them about, and they’re disappointed in how the University has acted since applying. She said: “Honestly I’m so upset. Sussex have messed me about so much already and now I don’t even want to go to uni.

“And now with accommodation, like I’m moving so far away from my home and I don’t know anyone going and I’ve been so worried but I’ve made friends with my flat mates which made me so much happier and now I can’t even find anyone in my flat.”

The Sussex Tab contacted the University of Sussex for comment.