Protestors outside Brighton County Court call for an end to rent debt

They were demanding for an end to rent debt and no more fault evictions

Today on August 22, protestors were seen outside Brighton County Court demanding an end to rent debt and no fault evictions.

This follows after the eviction ban yesterday was extended by one month.

The protestors are part of ACORN Brighton, a Union within the community for renters and an anti-poverty organising group.

The Sussex Tab spoke to Connor Moylett who was present at the protest. He told The Tab: “In Brighton today we had 40 acorn members turn up outside the county court to oppose the end of the eviction ban. This was part of a huge national mobilisation of hundreds of renters across the country. We sent a clear message to the government that renters need to be able to live safely in their homes without fear of evictions due to Covid-19.”

Connor continued with more information about ACORN and how to join. He said: “If you’re a student who rents in Brighton then you know what a rubbish deal we all get from landlords in the city. Most of them care more about squeezing you for your deposit than they do for fixing the mould on the walls. ACORN exists to fight for rights as renters.”

You can sign up to ACORN here.

Featured image credited to Connor Moylett