We’ve ranked the possible I’m A Celeb 2020 filming locations

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of… Sussex?

With the Recent news that the latest series of the hit ITV show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of here! will not be filmed in its usual exotic location down under, rather in the UK, we think the next best place is of course beautiful Sussex. The latest news on the forthcoming series suggests a British castle will play home to the series and its usual cohort of ‘A listers’.

Swapping shorts and bush hats for thermals and beanies, the incentive to watch loosely famous people be mildly inconvenienced by living like they’re on a DofE expedition has never been greater. As such, we’ve carefully ranked the best castles the Sussexes have to offer. Using nothing but an incredibly fair scoring system in five categories, that is in no way arbitrary, to determine where we think is most likely to be the new filming location of the 2020 series here’s our ranking:

Rye Castle


Looks: 4/10.

Size: 3/10

Celebrity-ness: 6/10

Wow factor: 4/10

How good Ant and Dec would look presenting in front of it: 10/10 (they make everything look amazing)

Overall: 27/50. Rye has a pretty basic looking castle, it doesn’t seem very big and filming a whole series in it would be a lot of effort. It’s cramped and small looking if I, a one fourth owner of a tiny dilapidated Brighton student house, say so myself… credit where credit is due however: it does look like a classic sandcastle in its shape!

Lewes Castle


Looks: 7/10.

Size: 5/10

Celebrity-ness: 6/10

Wow factor: 7/10

How good Ant and Dec would look presenting in front of it: 10/10

Overall: 35/50. Lewes castle stands proud over its namesake town like a looming seagull surveying Brighton beach for its next tourist to attack. The mere fact its built atop a hill gives this castle instant cool points. Unfortunately its size and now semi-ruined state mean it’s pretty low on the list, and unlikely to be the show’s new temporary home.

Bodiam Castle


Looks: 8/10.

Size: 8/10

Celebrity-ness: 7/10

Wow factor: 8/10

How good Ant and Dec would look presenting in front of it: 10/10

Overall: 41/50. Bodiam Castle has a moat… what else do you really need to sell you on it?! It’s size and imposing silhouette reflected across the water would make it a fantastic set to any show.

Herstmonceux Castle


Looks: 9/10.

Size: 8/10

Celebrity-ness: 9/10

Wow factor: 9/10

How good Ant and Dec would look presenting in front of it: 10/10

Overall: 45/50. Attempting to pronounce the name alone would make most want to scream the words ‘get me out of here’. The castle builds on the already solid presence of Bodiam to give a more ornate and palatial building that still boasts the all-important feature any castle worth its salt has: a moat. Built in bricks over the standard stone style, this location would add an undeniable flare to the series should it be hosted here.

Arundel Castle


Looks: 9/10.

Size: 10/10

Celebrity-ness: 9/10

Wow factor: 10/10

How good Ant and Dec would look presenting in front of it: 10/10

Overall: 48/50. This castle just has immaculate vibes. Enough said. Who wouldn’t want to watch a group of celebrities be tested to their last nerve in a castle that looks like the lovechild of Dracula’s home and a Game of Thrones set?!

With the series set to air later this year we’re keen to see just how the new setup will affect the show’s enjoyability. Will the new spin go down a hit, or follow in the footsteps of Love Island’s shakeup to is usual format with the winter version… and be quickly forgotten?