Dating: Sussex Ranger’s ultimate post-lockdown Brighton date guide

There is only so many times you can take a first date to Hobgoblin

We understand how tough dating can be. It’s not easy planning a special night out, especially when you’ve spent the last five months in joggers and feeling the least sexy you have ever felt. The feelings you have felt towards couples who lived together over lockdown are totally natural, it’s okay to envy them. They can literally do whatever they want and do it whenever they want. But baby, with lockdown being slightly eased it’s time to get you back into the dating game because you deserve it.

Naturally, like us, you’ve probably forgotten what a date is or how one can even ‘date’. That is where we are here to help. A date is two or more people hanging out, maybe getting some drinks or some dinner and basically just sparking a romantic connection or running a mile from one another at the end of it. I’m not going to sit here and tell you how to date because I can’t even order a takeaway on the phone without crying. But luckily for the both of us, the trusty Sussex Ranger’s are here to save us from singledom.

The Sussex Ranger’s have been on the scene for just over a year now, they’re known for doing fair reviews of pretty much every popular place in Brighton. So, sit back and take some notes because they’ve got all types of dates covered.

Beach Date: Lucky Beach and Boho Gelato

As soon as the sun shines, there is no better place to be in Brighton other than the beach. There is a huge amount of restaurants, bars and cafes you and your date can choose from. Our favourite has got to be Lucky Beach, offering a range of refreshing drinks. Not to mention they’re famous brunch menu, burgers and fresh fish and chips.

If all goes well then why not finish off your beach date with a dip in the sea and a tasty ice cream treat from Boho Gelato which is located on Ship Street.

Dinner Date: SushiMania

For any fellow sushi lovers out there, your perfect dinner date night would for sure be SushiMania. Their new COVID-19 friendly system includes taking your temperature on the door and ordering your food straight from your phone. What’s even better is their bottomless menu only for £18.20, meaning you can order as much as you can eat which is well worth the money.

Brunch date: Nowhere Man

There is Nowhere better in Brighton than Nowhere Man, if you and your date are pancake lovers then you’re going to enjoy this one. It is truly one of Brighton’s best kept secrets, this hidden em is tucked away at the back of Churchill Square. It’s fun, retro décor and interior create a cosy vibe. They also have a newly refurbished garden which is the ideal date setting.

It’s reasonably priced and has generous portion sizes so neither you nor your date will be left disappointed.

Coffee Date: Café Coho

Café Coho is the perfect location for a quick-stop coffee date or for a first date. Right int he heart of Brighton’s lanes, it’s got lots of outdoor seating and the options for a quick bite to eat or a full-blown brunch if that’s what you fancy.

Boozy Date: Black Lion pub

Nothing says first date like a couple of drinks to ease you in and settle those nerves. Black Lion is one of Brighton’s best-known pubs and you can order and pay for your food and drinks straight from their online site. If you and your date get peckish then their menu is filled with sharing dishes for you both.

Night in (takeaway date): Honest Burger

The perfect takeaway night in has always got to involve burgers. In our Honest opinion, Honest Burger is by far the best burger place in Brighton. It offers a great selection of both meat, veggie and vegan options so there is something for everyone. Perfect for a Netflix and Chill date night from the comfort of your own home.

Scene Date: Devils Dyke, movie and pizza

If you’re after something wholesome then this is the one for you. Grab some pillows, blankets, VIP pizza takeaway and your laptop and drive to Devils Dyke for the ultimate date night with a view. Don’t forget to download your movie in case signal drops.

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