There’s a petition demanding adequate compensation for the February strikes

It comes after Sussex released a statement via email today

Sussex students have been left angry and confused after the university announced that they are “not in a position” to offer an ex-gratia scheme for the industrial action that occurred in February. The strikes took place over a period of four weeks and caused the vast majority of lectures and seminars to be cancelled. This decision comes as a surprise to many students as, for the previous strikes in November 2019, an ex-gratia scheme was introduced.

Alongside the chaos that has surrounded the global pandemic, many students feel that they have missed out on more teaching time than they have had.

As a result, a student has created a petition demanding a change in decision, stating that the “lack of financial reimbursement” is “unforgivable”.

“It seems incredibly unfair to not be compensated when the obligation that university has to provide education is not fulfilled. In any other service or contract, if it is not completed compensation would be given: so why is it any different for our education?”

You can sign the petition here.