Brighton has been named as one of the most community-spirited cities in the UK

Communities all over Brighton are pulling together during this difficult time

A recent study has suggested that Brighton is one of the most community spirited cities in the UK.

The study was commissioned by Just Eat and focused on good deeds carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic across the UK. The results showed 69 per cent of adults in Brighton were happy to help with good deeds, making Brighton the second highest city behind Cardiff’s 73 per cent.

The city has pulled together in a number of ways. For example, it is well known that the demand for resources from food banks has dramatically increased since the pandemic started with Brighton banks such as Whitehawk Food Bank seeing figures quadruple this month.

Brighton and Hove residents have worked hard to ensure those struggling are able to get the things they need by donating to these food banks and volunteering.

Many residents have even been cooking food at home and delivering it to local residents to help keep the strain off of the food banks. This has been made possible by Facebook groups like Brighton and Hove Mutual Aid, where those in need have been able to ask for help from others all over Brighton.

The Brighton and Hove Food Partnership has also been supplying healthy meals to the vulnerable. They raised almost forty-three thousand pounds through the Hungry at Home appeal to help provide essential items to these people.

As well as this, the community have not forgotten the hard work of the NHS, and residents are finding ways to express their gratitude. Buzz Bingo gave Royal Sussex County Hospital staff members use of their car park in March to relieve pressure on hospital parking and alleviate some of the external stresses NHS workers inevitably face.

Many other businesses have followed suit and given out discounts to NHS workers, as well as donating a percentage of their profits to the NHS. Restaurants, shops and supermarkets are among these businesses, as well as BTN BikeShare which has been made free for Brighton and Hove NHS staff.

It is clear that Brighton is a city ready to jump into action during these very tough times, with many residents and businesses offering up selfless acts of kindness. This will be an unforgotten time in history, with Brighton’s community-spirit impacting lives every day.