University of Sussex release options for study abroad students

Students may now have the option to study abroad after their final year.

In response to the uncertainty surrounding travel due to COVID 19, the University of Sussex sent out emails today to prospective year abroad students regarding their options for the first term.

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With the first term of the year abroad scheme looking unlikely to take place due to travel restrictions, students have been left in limbo over their future years or semesters abroad.

However, today plans have been laid out by the university with a number of different options, depending on whether students were planning to study abroad for a term, or a year. Those who were hoping to study for a year have three options:

Students can choose to continue, with select alternatives put in place for term one. This may include online learning or modules offered by the University.

If students wish to complete your third year instead, they can now study abroad after their final year. The other option is to cancel the application altogether.

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Those who were hoping for a term abroad can either move their studies to a spring or summer term instead or to cancel and reapply the following year.

Despite clearing up a few questions, many of these options are not concrete in the slightest, and many are still feeling uncertainty over their future plans.

Those who wish to study abroad for a year after final year in 2021/22 will have to reapply, with no guarantees of a place.

These options have, however, provided some clarity to students who had been left in the dark who may finally be able to make some more concrete plans, whether that be in Australia, Malaysia, or even right back here in the UK.

Study-abroad students have until Monday 22nd June to inform the university of their choice.

More information is available on the University of Sussex website.