Hot damn, would you look at diss list of the best Sussex dissertation hand in pics of 2020

How dare all these people be smart and pretty

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected so many people across the world. Final year students at the University are currently walking around with a great big Sussex shaped hole in their heart. Just because students in their final year have had their last year at Sussex cut short, you’d be so wrong to think that this would stop them from taking the fittest dissertation hand in pics you ever did see.

Just like everyone else, these students have had to carry on, trudging through the stress and tears of finishing off their dissertation. The least you could is appreciate all their hard work and many, many breakdowns they’ve had because getting glammed up for a diss hand in pic is stressful. They also wrote an actual dissertation but let’s be honest, we’re not here to look at a dissertation cover, we wanna see the hotness that holds it.

Vic Maynard, International Relations with Spanish

Maybe it’s the lighting or the hair, or the laptop stickers? Either way, this picture just calms me.

Lauren Griffiths, Psychology with Economics

Looks like a proud mum, what a vibe.

Rosie Bettis, English Language and Linguistics

Someone call campus security because this girl is on fire.

Lottie Muir, Marketing and Management with Psychology

You better be coming back to pursue a masters in photoshop and graphic design because this is flawless.

Alia Zaza, Geography

The leg, the boots and the fact she is handing in her dissertation makes this whole pic one big power move and I’m so here for it.

Alexander Northwood, English Literature

Looks like this guy didn’t manage to get to campus to hand in his diss, does this mean he wrote his diss at home with his parents? Give this boy a first.

Maddie Gillborn, Social Work

Maybe it’s the smile or the cute green shorts, but this picture just makes me burst with pride.

Honor Wray, English Literature

Serving looks and reading books- this is so fierce.

Ivanna Spocchia, Media and Communications

“Oh shit, where did I actually leave my diss? I was meant to hand that in.”

Charlotte Brill, Anthropology

Strike a post and showcase that diss, hunny. You diss-erve it.