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BREAKING: Sussex reveals mixture of online and classroom teaching in September

Social distancing is set to be maintained through new walkways being built on campus

Today the University of Sussex announced that their students can expect a mixture of online and classroom based teaching come September 2020.

The University initially announced this in an email to their current applicants, the email stated: “Once you get here, there will be a mix of classroom and online teaching. We are currently looking at all the arrangements for you in-person experience.”

An email is being sent this morning to the current students at the University which explains what they can expect at Sussex come September.

How will teaching work?

In an email to their current students which is being sent this morning, the University said: “There will be a mix of campus-based learning experiences and remote approaches. We are planning some on-campus classroom and laboratory-based teaching, including small group work, seminars and tutorials, and we will ensure that there is plenty of space to adhere to social distancing rules.”

What are the plans for Freshers’ Week?

Freshers’ Week is still set to take place at it’s normal time, September 21st. However, the difference is that this year theres a mixture of online and in-person events.

In this mornings email, the University stated: “This is all possible thanks to the work of our amazing Estates and Student Support teams who will continue to work hard to ensure that when you arrive back at Sussex it will be a safe and enjoyable place to be.  You’ll notice quite a few changes, including improved navigation and walkways so we can all enjoy being on campus in a safe way.”

In the email sent by the University, there is also a chance for you to take a survey and share your experience of online teaching so far this term.