Are we a Russell group yet? You can now buy a University of Sussex signet ring

I know what I’m spending my ex gratia on

It was all fun and games last week when we shared a chuckle over Russell group unis such as Edinburgh and Manchester releasing signet rings for the most economically blessed of students to purchase. How we giggled at the thought of these kids blowing hundreds of their overdraft on what is realistically a piece of metal to remind you of the three years you spent crying in the library and sleeping with your flatmates.

Well, it looks like we spoke too soon, because, ladies and gentlemen, there is now a University of Sussex signet ring available for you to purchase with your hard-earned cash.

Brought to you by An x Sussex, this ring serves as a solidified reminder of your time at Suss for just £750. Yes, that’s right, for £750 you can buy a ring engraved with the University of Sussex crest, which, according to the SU website is “designed to be as personal as your time at university, blending your individual accomplishment with the history of your institution“. That’s just shy of a grand to serve as a reminder of Adam Tickell and getting lost on the way to Ashdown House.

Of course, a £750 signet ring might not fit the general ~vibe~ of the average Sussex student who would prefer to spend their money on Deliveroo and some funky sunglasses, but fear not, there are also silver and gold options with a gentler price tag of £195-£596.

Whilst those with cash to spare might wish to purchase this elegant piece, others may feel that there are other, wiser ways to spend their money. For example, £750 English pounds will buy you: 250 co-op meal deals, 31 University of Sussex hoodies, or 208 student saver 24 hour bus tickets.

If you haven’t been blessed with a family crest and you wish to remember Sussex life by flashing some bling, head to An x Sussex to pre-order this lil’ treat for your pinkie. If not, head to our Insta to tell us your thoughts on the Sussex signet ring.