Fill your belly with food from the deli: They’re reopening for delivery and collection

Falmer Bar Nachos are back

Falmer Bar and the Deli like most of Brighton’s best loved bars and lunch spots closed their doors when Boris Johnson announced the lockdown. But it is time to wipe away those tears, Falmer Bar and Deli is currently open for collection.

If you have been missing cheesy chips, nachos or sandwiches from the Deli, and are still living on campus, from Monday June 1st.

The Deli will be reopening for collection as well as some favourites off the Falmer Bar food menu, alcoholic and soft drinks are also available.

You can order your food using the ROUND app, and receive a notification when your food is ready to collect, or over the phone.

To use the ROUND app, search ‘Falmer Deli’ and place your order or to order over the phone ring 01273 87(2656), you will need to make payment over the phone via card. There is no minimum order or collection fee. This service will be available from 12.00-15.00 from June 1st.

And if you don’t live on campus and are still needing your Falmer Bar fix, they will be launching on Just Eat shortly!

For information click here.