‘Injuries, getting lost and vomiting on the N25’: We asked for your wildest Brighton night out stories

To fill the Chalk-shaped hole in your hearts

If like us, you’ve been hopelessly reminiscing those messy nights on Brighton’s seafront and been looking back with fond memories at all the times you’ve chundered on the N25 bus, then keep reading.

We put out an Insta story asking for all your wildest stories from your nights out in Brighton, and you guys did not disappoint. All the kebab shop memories and embarrassing stories you’ve been sending in just confirm how much we are all missing a legendary night out. So without further ado, here are some of our favourites.

Not a night out without an inflatable duck

“I slipped over in the disabled toilets and smashed my phone on the front and back”

“After a night out in Pryzm I blacked out and ended up inside Cheeky Chicken. I slipped over in the disabled toilets and smashed my phone on the front and back. I bruised the entirety of my right thigh and tried to sleep on the concrete floor outside. My friend, who wasn’t even at Pryzm but at Arch, had to come and collect me because I called her 100 times.’

Now THIS is the level of chaos we miss so dearly.

“Downed 15 Jägerbombs”

“Downed 15 Jägerbombs in a row at Chalk, projectile vomited outside, left, got lost at Elm Grove.”

Wow. We can’t say we’re surprised. That is a lot of Jägerbombs.

“Messaged a booty call as I was still being sick”

“Fell down a flight of stairs, threw up on N25, messaged a booty call as I was still being sick.”

Because of course, a booty call will cure your hangover.

“My friend poured olive oil into her wine thinking it was grenadine”

“My friend was so drunk she poured olive oil into her wine thinking it was grenadine, she was sick all down the bus aisle and when we made it to Old Steine my other friend had a wee in the bush and fell flat on her stomach with her bum in the air reaching for a leaf to wipe, god knows how they got in.”

We’ve all been there x

We miss spending more time on the floor of the N25 than on the seats

“Bought five cheeseburgers in Burger King”

“Bought five cheeseburgers in Burger King, they fell in a puddle, but I still consumed them.’

A soggy cheeseburger never hurt anyone…

“He paid for the food, I just took mine and ran home with my chips and burger”

“I’d lost my friends in Przym so around 2 am I decided to walk home as our flat’s only 10 mins away. I was really hungry so I started walking to the kebab shop opposite to eat something on the way back. Some guy tried flirting with me and said he’d come get something to eat with me to ‘chat’. I agreed but then realised I was super tired and just wanted to get back. As he was paying for the food (including mine) I just took mine and said I’ll be right back and ran home with my chips and burger – I’m an asshole when I’m drunk clearly.”

Ouch. Food really is the priority here.

Spuds really say the funniest things

“Found my friend helping the bouncers ID people”

“Lost our friend in Molly Malone’s. Found her a while later outside helping the bouncers’ ID people who were coming in.”

Who better than a smashed student to ID 25-year-olds ay?

“My friend attempted to knee slide on concrete”

“A friend jumped off a wall and attempted to knee slide on concrete, blood everywhere.”

Perhaps more of a ‘what not to do on a night out’ vibe.

“The bouncer told us he’d seen us switch clothes”

“My mate got turned away from Mash Tun so thought we’d be slick and switch jackets and put hair up/down. VERY embarrassing when we got to the front of the queue in our new disguises just for the bouncer to tell us that he’d seen us switch clothes.”

Wow, how RUDE of him to not let you in!!