EXCLUSIVE: Footage shows a WW2 bomb being detonated by bomb squad in Brighton

“Just a nice bit of excitement during lockdown”

Around 2:45pm this afternoon, a bomb from WW2 was found by workmen at a renovation site at Valley Gardens, Brighton.

A local resident, George Sardines, was present at the explosion and he exclusively told The Sussex Tab: “I was having a cigarette out the front and a copper just came up to me and said ‘get inside now’.”

Before the bomb was detonated, Mr Sardines recalled: “The bomb squad put some sandbags and connected a cable to their car so when they stepped away it looked like it was going to go down, so I started to record then.

“I wasn’t too scared as they would have evacuated if it was dangerous, but it made me proper jump.”

The bomb squad were present for around an hour, Mr Sardines told The Tab: “Just a nice bit of excitement during lockdown. I was hoping for a bigger explosion but beggars can’t be choosers.”

Brighton and Hove Police force said: “A cordon which includes the partial closure of a number of roads in the immediate vicinity has been set up as a precaution. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is aware and is due to carry out an assessment at the scene.”

The video footage recorded by Mr Sardines can be viewed on our Instagram.