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Sussex Uni students may return as late as January next academic year

Some students may not receive face-to-face teaching until 2021.


Vice Chancellor Adam Tickell has suggested that some students may not be able to return to on-campus teaching this autumn.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Adam Tickell, Vice Chancellor of Sussex University, has said that the return of students in the Autumn term may be staggered, with some returning as late as January 2021.

This comes as officials start to consider the vast amount of students returning to university in the Autumn and what the ongoing pandemic may mean for them.

Tickell said “We are all looking into whether we should have staggered opening dates [for different subjects].”

“We are hoping to start as normal in late September but we are also making contingency plans to start [some students back] as late as January and to teach degrees online in the Autumn.”

When approached for comment, a University of Sussex spokesperson said “The Vice-Chancellor shared with the Sunday Times some of many the considerations that Sussex and all universities are having to very carefully think about at this time. As soon as any decisions are made they will be shared with students and staff before anyone else. We appreciate these decisions are extremely important to our community.

“There is a discussion amongst universities about there being a sector agreement on the start date of the 2020/21 academic year – as this will help all students in the long term.

“The University is considering a range of scenarios for the next academic year and is working through these options, based on the latest Government advice and what is in the best interest of its students and staff, with their health, safety and wellbeing the most important factors.”