University of Sussex Vice Chancellor to take ten per cent pay cut

The extra £30,600 is set to go to student hardship funds

The University of Sussex Vice Chancellor, Adam Tickell, is set to forego 10 per cent of his annual standard pay, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tickell’s current salary is £306,000 per annum, meaning the ten per cent cut will take the standard pay down by £30,600. His salary will then be £275,400 per annum.

Other Universities across the UK, such as Nottingham, Bristol and Edinburgh, have seen their Vice Chancellor’s forego a 20 per cent pay cut.

The news was recently announced on Sussex Direct to students and staff by Dame Denise Holt, the Chair of Council, who stated: “At our recent meeting, members of Council expressed warm appreciation of Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell’s decision to forego ten per cent of his annual salary.

“As a Council we agreed that this money should go towards the student hardship fund and welcomed the University’s commitment to provide match funding. Council will meet formally on 4 May to review developments across the board, and to ensure full compliance with changing government and Office for Student requirements”