University management consider potential online plans for Freshers’ week 2020

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After many students raised concerns about the impact of the pandemic on their studies and their wellbeing at uni, the Sussex Officer team discussed the following with the management team.

The ‘no detriment policy’ was first to come up, with students enquiring about grades being rounded up. Management so far have agreed to “look into it.”

The next matter addressed was student anxiety about the next academic year and the uncertainties about what the situation regarding lockdown and social distancing measures will be like by that time, and how this may impact the events of the new year.

Pro vice chancellor, Kelly Coates, informed the team that the University plans to start an ‘online future project working group’ to tackle any issues that may arise in the future.

It was also revealed that the University have begun planning different options for Welcome Week if lockdown measures are lifted but social distancing measures remain. Three potential options mentioned have been online, on campus, and a mixture of online and in person.

The team have looked into certain rooms on campus to determine which can be utilised in ways that cater to social distancing measures and online teaching but understand that this will be challenging.

The office for students will release information on student wellbeing, which Sussex will feature in.

University management hold daily briefings which they post about on the SU website.