Lockdown hack: 8 simple steps for a DIY Epik Wednesday in your family home

Covid-19 works hard but Uni students deprived of Pryzm work harder

It is the fourth Wednesday since the UK Gov announced the latest lockdown measures, and now you’re really missing it. You’ve endured enough cheese-less nights, now it’s time to satisfy that craving. Your dad, noticing your despair, offers you a pack of mini cheddars. You shake your head. No dad, wrong kind of cheese.

Very funny

Following these simple steps, here’s how to recreate Epik Wednesdays in your family home.

Step 1.  Get All Dolled Up, Sugar!

First thing’s first, you’ve got to embody the club spirit. Enough waking up to change from your night time pyjamas to daytime pyjamas. Enough messy buns, it’s only crinkling ya luscious locks. Wash your hair, do a full face, and slip into something a little less comfortable. And get some good pics.

Dang, we look tall as hell

Step 2. Get your pre’s going

Make sure to stock up on booze for your pre drinks and get the family involved in some fun drinking games. Monopoly works just fine, Scrabble however, is not a vibe. Yes, it is worth the twenty minute queue outside Tesco for the essential food shop to get lairy with your family.

A pandemic can’t stop us

Step 3. Get the tunes goin’

Thankfully, many people feel the same way and have created a multitude of Pryzm inspired playlists on Spotify. If the cheese room doesn’t take your fancy, not to worry. There’s many out there pining for the high energy dance tunes of the main room, or the smooth R&B sounds of the curve room. Sky’s the limit.

She’s perfect!

Step 4. Employ a family member as the designated bouncer

Or take on the role yourself. It is important to remember that Pryzm always has top security to maintain the masses of young people attending the popular night, and you shall have nothing less in your home Pryzm. Nothing funnier than rejecting dad for not carrying ID. Sorry mate, you are way too old to be here. Go to your room.

Please, I should be on the guest list!

Step 5. Dance the night away

Pre-drinks were successful, you’ve got a playlist of bangers on shuffle, and you’ve got past the bouncers. Time to cut some filthy shapes. Bonus points if you have LED lights on hand to mimic the gloriousness that is the cheese room dance floor.

Ooo the purple gives me Curve room vibes

Step 6. Occupy multiple rooms

To give yourself and your family the true Pryzm experience, use three different rooms of the house to replicate the club’s bountiful interior. A drunken crawl up the stairs is character building, after all.

Quick, they’re playing Cotton Eyed Joe!

Step 7. Stock up on dancing fuel at the bar

You didn’t think we’d forget Pryzm’s signature drink, did you? If you can’t get your hands on any real bottles of VK, not to worry. Just re-label your parent’s drinks and tell them to look like they’re having a nice time.

Mmm, delicious VK and what an impressive range of flavours we have here

Step 8. Make sure the chicken stays cheeky

Don’t forget your well deserved cheesy chips at the end of the night. Potato waffles and grated cheese work also. But buying a bag of McCain’s and melting the cheese on top is definitely better.

Wow, what a crazy night