Independent local cinema in Brighton have launched a delivered home-cinema experience

The best way to entertain yourself during lockdown

White wall cinema is a pop up cinema located in Brighton, they run film screenings in locations all around the city such as bars, pubs, clubs and warehouses. They aim to show more cult, classic or overlooked cinema rather than blockbusters so people can explore cinema they usually would not come across.

Like many small businesses during this pandemic, they have stopped running their screenings meaning all their income has stopped.

In order to keep “entertainment, and human interaction” going they have launched a home service with a personal touch which streaming cannot give to you. The donation service will ensure that the small team of staff can stay together and screenings can be continued for the future.

The home service asks for a donation to help the independent business survive during these difficult times in return for a bespoke and personalised evening of entertainment. This service would suit anyone in lockdown whether on your own, with family or flatmates.

The service starts with a conversation about your favourite movies, in which they will then select a special mystery movie from their archives which will suit your taste. This will then be sent to you for you to keep, on DVD or Blu Ray, alongside gourmet popcorn for you to enjoy with the film. This film will be unknown to you until it arrives which gives you some mystery and enjoyment during these trying times. The cinema would regularly put on mystery screenings in which people would not know what they would be watching until the credits roll. The cinema are aiming to bring culture, fun and some human contact during lockdown.

There are a range of donation packs available so anyone can give what they can afford to help this small business keep running during this difficult time.

Each donation bundle accounts for a whole house hold and can be found on their website linked below.

As well as the donation bundles there is a donation page in which any amount can be donated to help support the local business and keep it running, during these difficult times.

Click here for more information about the local business and also to donate.