Seriously though, Queens Park is the best place to live in Brighton

If you don’t know, then get to know!

There is a general consensus among university students in Sussex that Lewes Road is the place to be. But times are changing, meaning it’s time to explore Brighton more extensively. Get ready to cancel your contracts and move, boys and girls.

A bit obscure, kind of Elm Grove but not really, kind of Kemptown but also not really, Queens Park is by no means the Lewes Road of Brighton. It is definitely never anybody’s first choice area when it comes to house hunting, but it will hold special place in your heart that you will always look upon with the fondest of memories.

The problem with Queens Park is that not many people know it exists, “Where’s that?” is often asked. Some people living in Stanmer Park Road even think that they live closer to the beach than those in Queens Park. Absolutely mind boggling.

Well, it’s time to put Queens Park on the map.

Picnics in Queens Park

Photo by: Hayley Roulstone

There are many great things about Queens Park, but first it is only right to introduce to you its namesake – Queens Park itself. Beautiful scenery all year round, with cute little duckies (that will most definitely NOT attack you). It is the perfect picnic spot for a boozey brunch with your housemates.

Think: The Level, but more sophisticated with less stabbings and drug deals – probably somewhere safe you can take your parents to when they come to visit.

Bonus points: it’s also a great space for all those runs you never go on! No excuses now.

Instagrammable Cafés

For all you trendy food Instagrammers, Starfish & Coffee is where it’s at. Just across the road from the park, it’s a popular café among locals. There’s even a basement seating area which is a lot more quiet and less crowded for those study sessions with your mates who won’t let you concentrate.

Their food looks and tastes incredible, and even though COVID-19 shut it down, the owner is now doing home delivery!

Iced teas here are to die for.

It is true, Brighton is full to the brim with quirky little cafés, but nothing quite beats having one on your doorstep.

A high street close to Central Brighton

Close by, there is even their own miniature Churchill Square – St James’s Street. It is packed full of a multitude of restaurants and pubs, two supermarkets, a Co-op, Boots, a Post Office and even a barbers. What more could your heart desire?

It’s right next to Old Steine, so only a short walk to the beach! What does that mean? It means you’re only a 5 minute walk away from that pungent smell of weed that we’ve all come to know and love. Ah, the sweet smell of Brighton.

It also means you’re only a short walk from getting attacked by the gulls for your overpriced (and tiny) portion of chips, but we won’t get too much into that.

Transport links aren’t *that* horrendous

Meet the bane of students’ lives, the 23 bus. It comes around every thirty minutes to supposedly fit in with uni timetables, but you’re almost always nearly late (or late) for class if you don’t leave an hour before. So it’s either: get there in twenty minutes and be forty minutes early, or leg it off the bus with 3 minutes to spare before you get death stares from everyone in the lecture hall.

The above image is a common message sent to the house group chat, one everyone can relate to and sympathise with. It brings unity, something to bond over and will be one of those “Remember when..?” conversations in 10 years time. There’s always a silver lining.

Pest infiltrations

Admittedly, there is a bit of a slug and spider problem – not to everyone’s taste, undoubtedly. But it’s crazy how quickly you start not to care about them! It’s not that awful and definitely shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Although, big warning: these slugs don’t shy away from joining you in the shower.

The conclusion

Full of families and real life adults, Queens Park is not party central. It’s dead silent at night, with the odd screams of foxes during mating season. But this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer. If you can get past the unreliable 23 and the slimy intruders, I think you’ll appreciate the Balamory-style houses and relaxed way of life. Anyway, it’s no fun cleaning up house party sick, so count yourselves lucky.

It’s a little heartbreaking to be leaving this area next year in search of a bigger house, but Queens Park was a dream and iced tea at Starfish & Coffee is never too far away!