Here is the only post-quarantine A-Z guide of Brighton that you will ever need

Giving you all the essentials plus a few hidden gems

The nooks and crannies of Brighton are home to a vast array of sights and attractions, too many to even comprehend.

Coming to the city as a naive and hopeful fresher, your knowledge of town is probably limited to the train station, the beach and the seafront clubs. But, with the help of this list, you’ll feel like you know Brighton like the back of your hand and be able to navigate even the most twisting of lanes.

Read on for twenty-six activities to try, things to do and places to explore.

A- Amex Stadium

Home of Brighton and Hove Albion FC, this landmark is known to Sussex students as the big white stadium next to the station. Open on most Saturdays for  football matches, the Amex is a sight worth seeing especially if you’ve never been up and close with a full size football pitch.

B- Banksy at the Prince Albert pub

The famous graffiti artist painted these ‘Kissing Coppers’ on the wall of one of the most famous pubs in Brighton in 2004 and it’s been an essential sight ever since. As the only Banksy painting in Brighton, head on down to take your insta photos and grab a pint from the pub for afters.

C- Casablanca’s Jazz Club

Whether you like listening to jazz or not, Casa’s is a wild night out as well as a cultural experience. With free entry before midnight, the live house band steam through all your favourite classics until the early hours of the morning and leave you wishing for more.

D- Devil’s Dyke

With arguably the best views in the county, Devil’s Dyke sits high at the top of the Downs and is perfect for an escape from the bustling city lifestyle. Catch the 77 bus from the centre of town and pack a picnic for a perfect day out, or enjoy a cold pint in the pub at the top of the hill.

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E- Ever visited the pier?

Arguably the most popular attraction in Brighton, the pier needs little explanation. It’s a real crowd pleaser for all ages with fairground rides, food stalls and arcade games, as well as the feeling that you’re floating out on the sea.

F- Fish and chips on the beach

Ask anyone what the UK’s signature dish is and its likely to be fish and chips, even better eaten with the sea breeze in your face and the gulls circling over head. Grab yourself a portion and sit on the pebbles to watch the sunset for a truly Brighton-esque evening.

G- Globalls

A popular destination for socials and groups, Globalls is an ultraviolet glow in the dark mini-golf course sat on the edge of the seafront. With tickets at £5.95 per person, it’s a perfect ice breaker activity as well as being surrounded by other entertainment options.

H- Hove Lagoon

Offering wakeboarding, windsurfing, stand-up paddling and seafront yoga, Hove Lagoon is a bustling hub for water sports. Catering for all abilities, head along the seafront for a lesson or just to sit on the pebbles and watch the surfers float by.

I- i360 Tower

The most recognisable of sights, this 162m pole stands out against the grand seafront hotels and sunbathing beach-goers. It’s £10 a ticket for young adults and you’re guaranteed one of the best views in Brighton – plus they do deals on champagne if it’s a special occasion.

J- Just pop down to Brighton Dome

The Dome sits next to the Royal Pavilion and provides a huge venue suitable for music, dance, theatre and art performances. Its building is steeped in history waiting to be explored and the concerts there are made oh so much better by the beautiful decor.

K- Komedia Theatre

Located on Gardner Street in the Lanes, the Komedia Theatre is a cinema and cafe by day and an underground club by night. As well as their signature comedy club, Komedia hosts a wide range of shows that embrace every form of the arts and act as a perfect date spot.

L- The Lanes

No guide to Brighton would be complete without mention of the North Laine and the Lanes. These twisting streets are brimming with pop-up stalls and markets waiting to be explored and a bargain can always be found if you look hard enough.

M- The Marina

Home to a vast variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues, the Marina provides an all inclusive day out. Eat your lunch whilst watching the boats and, if you visit on a Sunday, explore the infamous Brighton Flea Market which takes place in the car park.

N- The N25

The N25 bus acts as your personal chauffeur throughout your degree ferrying you both back and forth from uni to town and providing drunk transport after nights out. It’s recognisable for its spilled chips, singing freshers and slight smell of vomit, but it has earned it a special place in your heart and it is an essential journey for any Sussex student.

O- The Open Market

Situated between London Road and the Level, the Open Market is a collection of cafes and shops sheltered in an old trading centre. The ideal brunch spot, it’s home to a number of craft stalls and tempting cafes as well as selling fresh and local produce.

P- Preston Park

Preston Park is the largest green space in the city spanning across a vast 63 acres. When it isn’t being used as space for a fairground, music events or sporting matches, Preston Park is the ideal picnic spot or golden hour walk: look out for the oldest Elm trees in the world!

Q- Queens Park

Set in a valley, Queens Park is centred around a lake, a wildlife garden and a grade two listed clock tower that was built in 1915. Take a stroll through to feed the geese and provide some calming time away from the city noises.

R- The Royal Pavilion

One of the most iconic landmarks on Brighton’s silhouette, this extravagant palace was built under orders from King George IV who needed a venue for his decadent lifestyle and large social gatherings. Now open to public, the gardens and museum can be explored and give an excellent opportunity to embrace your inner king or queen.

S- Snooper’s Paradise

Nestled in the centre of the Lanes, Snooper’s Paradise is heaven when searching for a wacky ornament for your room or a vintage clothing steal. Explore the different stalls filled to the brim with things you never thought you needed and come away having spent more money than you wanted to.

T- The Toy and Model Museum

Hidden underneath Brighton Station, this museum is spread over four Victorian cellars and houses over 10,000 items. Run almost entirely by volunteers, it’s an immersive historical experience as well as an opportunity to view collections of models and toys hidden in the arches.

U- The Upside-Down House

This confusing spectacle sits on the seafront halfway between Brighton and Hove and provides the most confusing photo opportunity ever. One of ten houses in the UK, visitors can go inside and explore for £4.50, with all furniture and decorations being the wrong way round inside too.

V- Volks Electric Railway

The worlds oldest electric operating railway, this train track dates back to 1883 and has been operational ever since. Running from the Eastern side of the pier for just over a mile to Black Rock, a single ticket for the train costs £3.90.

W- Wild Park

Despite its close location to Falmer campus, Wild Park is often left unexplored by students. From the roadside, it looks plain and unexciting with nothing but a football pitch and a car park but a climb to the top of the hill is more than worth it for the stunning view over all of Brighton.

X- x marks the spot! Dig for treasure at the beach

OK, this one is cheating slightly, but does anything really begin with X in Brighton? You never know what you might find under the weathered stones of the beach so grab a metal detector or a spade and have a good ol’ dig. If you find something special, let us know and DM us on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

Y- You should get a burger from Grubbs

Any student or Brighton resident alike has had a takeaway from Grubbs when severely hungover and craving some fatty goodness. Offering a range of meat and vegetarian options, Grubbs has generous portions, a delicious menu and cheap prices.

Z- Zipwire

This 300m wire runs parallel to the seafront on the Eastern side of the pier and costs £16 per person per ride, a good treat for a thrill seeker. It’s neighbours to another attraction, a 24m free fall that imitates jumping out a plane, which is sure to get your heart racing if you don’t fancy the real thing.

If you’ve read all that and can still successfully say you’ve been to every item then congratulations, you are a true Brightonian.