REVEALED: Maïa Madani Davies is Sussex’s BNOC of the year

All hail, Queen Maïa

It’s been a tense ride, we’ve been relentlessly refreshing and you’ve all been voting like mad, but the time is finally here.

The votes are in, and The Sussex Tab can exclusively reveal that Maïa Madani Davies is Sussex’s BNOC 2020.

The competition this year was undoubtedly fierce, but first year economics and international development student, otherwise known as Queen Maïa battled her way to the top, winning your affections with her endless wild stories and boujee house parties.

We caught up with Maïa for one last conversation before her fame truly hits, she told us how it feels to be crowned the official Sussex 2020 BNOC. She started off by saying her thanks to everyone who voted, the humble Queen said “I didn’t expect to get past the first round because the competition was tough.”

The competition  was indeed tough, but this girl was tougher as she claimed 53 per cent of the final vote.

Naturally, Maïa wanted to thank her nearest and dearest, she wanted to show appreciation to her closes friends and societies who helped her claim the BNOC crown. She said: “I want to shout out the Manor Girls and the tennis teams, which people should definitely try out for in September.”

So there we have it. We watched 2020’s hopeful BNOCs battle it out, and in the end the one true winner was chosen. Congratulations to Maïa, and congratulations to all the other nominees.

See you in 2021, baby.