Amex Stadium to become “Rapid Test Centre” for coronavirus key workers

The Stadium is offering shifts to staff starting this Saturday

The American Express Stadium, home to Brighton and Hove Albion, have announced via an email to casual workers that they will be operating a COVID-19 test centre. This is part of a scheme operating all over the country on behalf of the Government to increase testing for key workers.

The stadium is looking for current Amex staff to fill shifts seven days a week from 8am to 6pm in two different roles; multitasked test operatives and cleaners.

Some of the job roles include cleaning designated facility areas, deep cleaning onsite cabins, undertaking training on hand washing, and reassuring individuals being tested. Staff have been warned of “strict guidelines” and “long hours”.

A second year University of Sussex student who works part time at the Amex said, “For me it feels like a great opportunity to help out in the community and I’m sure that the health and safety of everyone will be maintained.

“Having been stressed about the reduced income of my family through the COVID-19 situation, it is reassuring to know that i’ll be able to earn enough money to continue paying my rent.”

The email tells Amex staff that social distancing rules will be “fully adhered to throughout the whole site, and all test subjects will remain in their vehicles.”

The email also stated the stadium are “overwhelmed with how much interest and support there has been for the roles.” The shifts are likely to follow a pattern of 4 days on, 4 days off and all days will begin at 8am to 6pm. All staff working in the testing centre will be provided with Personal Protective Clothing.