It’s time to vote for Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2020: The Final

The people have spoken.

The people have spoken, after dozens of entries, thousands of votes and thousands of views- the students of Sussex have whittled it down to the final two big names on campus. Below we have the finalists who are desperate to wear the mighty and prestigious BNOC crown, which will undoubtedly shower them in fame and attention for the rest of their time at Sussex and in life.

We reached out to his royal highness and booked an appointment with last years winner, Mr Joe Healy, he graced us with some words of wisdom and hope: “Good luck to all the contenders, hard luck to Oli Williams, he had my support right from day 1. When this is all over people will roll out red carpets for you.”

Below are the two people who crave to wear the crown, for the final time this year we ask you to vote down below for who you think is the ultimate BNOC of 2020. Get voting now.

Maïa Madani Davies

We asked Maïa the all important question, what would the BNOC crown mean to her? She responded with a wholesome statement: “I’ve still got two more years left at uni and I have made such an amazing group of friends and housemates. This will be something I can look back on because I wasn’t initially going to Sussex but it turned out for the best.”

Just in case your memory needs to be jogged, this iconic queen stormed round one with over one thousand votes. She has battled her way to the final in order to win this thing once and for all. We asked her to dig deep for some BNOC content fit for the final, and of course she had no problem delivering it to us: “I’m known by a first name basis to various security, bar staff and management and such perks have sometimes got me free drinks and entry.”

And if that wasn’t quite enough, she gave us one more cheeky bonus story “Also, one of my mates was getting with the DJ, so I stepped into the light technician box to take over for a few mins.” Wow, is there anything that this girl can’t do?

Lee Dove

The Sussex Tab told Lee how important the final is, we said that he really has to bring out the big guns. If Lee wins this, it’ll probably be his biggest success of this entire year, would you want to be the person who stops Lee from making the biggest social success of his year?

Lee likes to mingle with the big dogs, he told us that he’s been invited to the birthday party of a Pryzm bar supervisor!

But, Pryzm aside, Lee understands that BNOC is traditionally dominated by anyone who plays sports. Lee told us: “But I think what sets me aside is that I’ve got to the final from a club where our whole members list is the same length as one rugby match day squad (just one example).

“Throughout the years I’ve been moving up in the world and now going into final year I’ll be the President of Men’s basketball. The network I’ve created across Sussex is vast, I think I should get your votes as I know a lot of people won’t know me personally but will recognise my name from one of the many positions I have.” Lee also wishes to clarify that he managed to do all of this whilst also doing his degree in Engineering- utterly heroic.

When we asked Lee for a good story, he told us about the time he dislocated his shoulder whilst breaking a mop in half. It is a shame this isn’t a competition for Sussex’s strongest man, he would mop the floor with the competition.

For the final time this year, we ask you to please cast your votes for who you want to see wearing that prestigious BNOC crown. You can vote here.