Sussex clubbers of the week: Self-isolation and social distancing edition

Stay safe, stay inside and stay sexy

Earlier this week, The Sussex Tab put up an Instagram story requesting that you lot send in pictures of what you have been up to during this period of self-isolation! We were desperate to see what you all do when you’re staying inside and following government guidelines.

Admittedly, it’s no CU Next Tuesday or Chalk Monday but, you guys had everything covered. From crying over missing uni mates to attempting the infamous TikTok coffee, you really do bring joy to our little self-isolated eyes.

So, without further ado, here is what you have been up to during self-isolation.

‘I became a self care queen’ of the week

Self-isolation and social distancing can be very lonely, you have to make sure that you are taking good care of yourself! Maybe do a little face mask and pour yourself a glass of something and chill for a bit, the world is a scary place at the moment, so take a step back from it.

‘Pretended your flatmates still exist and haven’t went home’ of the week

The sad sight of an empty flat, the students who remain at University are clearly missing their pals who have returned home to self-isolate.

‘I love my dog’ of the week

‘I recreated Epik Wednesday in my own home’ of the week

For this group, Epik Wednesday at Pryzm is clearly a big part of their week ritual. They even went to the extent of buying VK’s and party hats! We cannot help but commend this group on their efforts, maybe try and get some disco lights for next week?

‘I miss my uni mates o’clock’ of the week

If you think about it, it’s no different from crying in the club really. A lot of students are missing their uni mates, the nights out and the entirety of University culture. It is very important to keep safe and stay well but equally, we are allowed to be upset.

‘Drinking wine and looking fine’ of the week

Sods law that the weather is absolutely stunning whilst we are staying indoors. However, if you are lucky enough to have a garden then you should definitely make the most of it!

‘I discovered my artistic talent’ of the week

Who would have thought that so many of you have artistic talent? Exquisite art work, Bob Ross could never compete.

‘Pizza night with the gals’ of the week

We suppose that this is a fair equivalent of the greasy food you would get after a night out. It’s not quite Cheeky Chicken or Buddies, but we will allow it.

‘Downed my sorrows’ of the week

If our parents knew how much we actually drank at uni, there would be an argument. Naturally, we keep it a bit tame at home and we ignore our desires to tear the cap off a bottle of Echo Falls and neck the whole thing. At home, we are restraint and we are sophisticated.

‘TikTok coffee baristas’ of the week

The trend that started on TikTok has now started to ripple it’s way into our very own kitchens.

‘I explored my year abroad country’ of the week

‘Mary Berry, who?’ of the week

Every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be baking at this moment in time. Baking seems to have safely embedded itself in British self-isolating culture and we aren’t complaining!

‘Headstand and fitness guru’ of the week

Maybe you’re also spending all your free time perfecting your head stand or the classic downward facing dog? Either way, you’re feeding your soul good vibes and we are so here for it.