Vote for Sussex’s BNOC 2020: The Semi-Final

Who do you want to be in the final of Sussex BNOC 2020?


The tension is undeniable. We are so exhilarated we feel physically sick. That can only mean one thing: the semi-final is here: you guys voted and let Sussex’s biggest names battle it out for the ultimate title of Sussex BNOC 2020. We had some semi-scandalous and semi-sickening stories, and there was some semi-cheating involved, but it all brought us here, to the semi-final.

We know you’ve been on the edge of your seats, but now is the time to sit back, relax and think rationally, because this may be the most important decision of your life so far.

Who do you want to be in the final of Sussex BNOC 2020?

Maïa Madani Davies

Maïa captured our hearts in round 1. Queen of the dancefloor and queen of procrastination (she has been known to fly to Sweden and Milan to avoid deadlines), you can find Maïa in one of Brighton’s clubs almost every day of the week, but there’s more to this BNOC babe than that.

Speaking to The Sussex Tab, she said “I feel like a big misconception is that I just go clubbing, because my attendance for clubbing can be higher than uni.  But I’m in the first team for tennis and we won the BUCS South East Cup, and I go to Sussex Snow socials”. And if you thought this gal couldn’t get any better, she also “went Abu Dhabi in November for a few days for a Model UN conference, because I want to work in the UN when I graduate”.

A master of sports, clubs and a future UN employee? You may start to feel intimidated – but don’t worry, she’s got some stories to bring us back down to Earth as well. “Throwing up on my tennis social sec in front of everyone at Patterns was definitely not my best moment”. We’ve all been there, Maïa.

When asked what becoming Sussex BNOC 2020 would mean to her, Maïa said “Being Sussex BNOC would be amazing, something to put on my LinkedIn and tell the grandkids – also my housemates can’t chat after this.” Wise words.

Oli Williams

Supposedly named as the “one true heir” of Sussex’s BNOC 2019, Joe Healy, first year Oli is hoping to secure your vote for the 2020 title.

When asked what winning BNOC 2020 would mean to him, Oli said: “It’s been a lifelong aspiration of mine. I knew from the moment I left the womb that my true calling was to be a Big Name On Campus. My parents have said that they will disown me if I don’t get it so fingers crossed”.

If you want Oli to make it to the final and remain with his family, be sure to vote for him below!

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