Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2020: Round two

Conclusion: there is another Maia in the competition


The race is on, who will you vote through to the final stages of Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2020?

With round one leaving us with over two thousand votes, we have high hopes for the second round. So, without further ado, here are your contenders for round two!

Joe Loftus-Smith, Second year, Politics

Meet Joe, resident party animal and SLiM president, he is such a hard core clubber that he’s diagnosed himself with “chronic fomo” whenever he misses a night out. Being president of the up and coming Live Music Society and being attached to CHALK by the hip means that Joe’s politics degree is struggling- can you make Joe’s academic struggle all worth it by crowning him as BNOC?

Joe exclusively The Sussex Tab: “Due to my short stature it is often the case I will get fully engulfed in mosh pits. This is always the case at the BIG SLiM gig nights in room 76 and when Misery Business by paramore comes on at CHALK Monday where i will disappear for a brief period before emerging unscathed.” 

But, is this enough to take Joe through to the final stages of the competition?

Maia Ingham Jerrey, Second Year, Geography and French

Life is a beach, unless you’re a BNOC.

This is our second Maia of the competition and she’s ready to win your hearts and votes. When speaking to The Sussex Tab, Maia said: “What makes me a BNOC? I’m a big name need I say more… I canne go anywhere, campus or town, without bumping into someone. Going into the library feels more like a meet and greet than a study session.” Just like any other BNOC, it all starts in the library, next you’ll be swarmed doing your weekly shop in  Lewes Road’s Aldi.

Maia’s biggest achievement to date is being crowned as ‘Miss CU Next Tuesday’ by Rox Promotions. She added: “ If you make it to The Arch on a Tuesday night you’ll often catch me making a twat out of myself for the sake of Rox.”

Here is a picture of Maia dressed as an inflated Donald Trump for reference:

Georgina Klovig Skelton, Second year, Politics and International Relations

If we told you that Georgina once took a piping hot baking tray out of the oven before football training and had to train with icepacks attached to her hands, would you believe us? No? Well, you best believe she did!

Georgina relayed the popular story to us, she was in such a rush to get to football training and she was starving. Whilst forgetting the oven produces heat, she put her hands in and grabbed the baking tray- she did confirm that the burns were not serious, just painful.

When Georgina isn’t at football training or running her hands under cold water, you can find her “belting out some tunes at an open mic somewhere in Brighton!” As the competition begins to heat up, will Georgina get your vote?

So, I guess the final question is, who do you want to see win? Cast your votes HERE and get ready for round three!