Sussex University announce plans for £5k seagull statue in library square

It’s about time the gulls got the recognition they truly deserve

Despite the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, Sussex University have today, announced plans to erect a statue in honour of Brighton’s most beloved creature: The seagull.

The University has announced that the statue will cost £5k but is “worth every penny” as it will be 12 foot in height and made of pentelic marble.

A University spokesperson exclusively told The Sussex Tab: “We are very much so looking forward to the University’s new decorative edition. The decision was made to have a seagull by University officials who collectively thought it represented exactly what it means to be a student at our University.

The unveiling of the seagull will be happening late September and it’ll be placed on a 7ft podium to avoid vandalism.”

The spokesperson explained that “strict measures will be put in place” and that the University will also be employing “24 hour video surveillance at the bottom of library steps to ensure the safety of the statue”.

They added “The University greatly looks forward to welcoming back its students once this global pandemic has settled and of course, the reveal of its brand new monument”.

The announcement for the statue comes after seagulls made the BBC South East news, following the Universities decision to put signs across campus warning students of ‘seagull attacks’.