Quarantine-Friendly Pranks for April Fool’s Day

Try this at home!

Don’t let Coronavirus stop you from pranking your family members or housemates this April Fool’s Day. Here is a guide to the most effective stay-at-home pranks:

The water bottle one

“Hey, there’s nothing in th-blubblublubblrrrr…”

You know how this one goes, bottle of water, say there’s a coin at the bottom of it, get your victim to stare down the bottle and squeeze.


Switching off appliances


Some would argue that this is not really a prank but when you’re all stuck in the house it can prove to be quite entertaining.

Replacing water with alcohol

“Super dehydrated right now”

Your sibling has been attempting stay-at-home beach bum workouts and is now very thirsty and tired. Fancy some gin?

Replace alcohol with water

“G&T at 10am? Really, Dad?”

Alternatively, if your house has become a temporary bar during lockdown, you can prank your family or housemates by hydrating them.

Set a booby trap

“I’ll do anything for my favourite condiment!”

Works best if you have a dog cage. See cover image.

Threaten family/housemates with empty cup

“Please! I just did my 15 step skin routine!”

Walk around the house with an empty cup and tell people you’re going to pour it on them. Film it and put it on your story.

Jump out from under the bed

“You’re going to have to pull me out, I’m stuck”

Make sure you can easily jump out of your hiding spot.

Hide your younger sibling’s fake ID

“How will I get into the living room now?!”

Kids these days.

And finally, an eighties classic

“You’re eating your dinner off the tree tonight.”

Spaghetti does not, in fact, grow on trees.