It is time to vote for Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2020: Round One

We are back, bad and boujee

We are back and oh boy- we are better than ever! Over the next few weeks, you will have the job to vote for who you think should be crowed Sussex’s BNOC of the year 2020.

One week ago, we asked for your submissions for who you’d like to crown as BNOC and you did not disappoint, hopefully this will bring some enjoyment to your time spent self-isolating over the coming weeks.

Sit back, relax and follow the link down below to cast your vote!

Maïa Madani Davies, First Year, Economics and International Development

Representing the girls in round one is Maïa, her nominators described her as “someone who knows everyone”, which is the key ingredient for what makes a BNOC- but, will she be yours?

You can often find Maïa out in a night club tearing up the dance floor. Maïa and her mates have had a table at every PRYZM Wednesday for a whopping NINE WEEKS (“until corona stopped it”), and once ended up featuring in an Elliot Crawford video after stumbling into Arch at 1:30 am. “I thought he was some media student at Sussex Uni, but when I clocked in the morning I dmed him and his friend to delete the footage so thankfully it’s gone now”.

And if Maïa isn’t storming PRYZM, Patterns or Chalk, her and her housemates also host some epic parties: “we live off campus at ‘The Manor’, so we have our own snap filter for house parties like ‘Halloween at The Manor'”.

If that wasn’t quite enough BNOC material, after one trip to PRYZM, this gal hopped straight on a train to Gatwick Airport and flew to Sweden. “I went because I had an essay due that I hadn’t started so thought by going to Sweden the due date would suddenly disappear. Procrastination gone bad”. It is rumoured that queen procrastinator Maïa went straight to Donuts @ Patterns upon her return.

Lindsay Kantorowicz, Second Year, English Lit

True to BNOC form, Lindsay knows almost everyone at Sussex: “I’m rarely able to move around on campus without bumping into several people I know … I’m just a very friendly and sociable person open to talking to anyone who might strike up conversation”.

He’s on the poker society committee, and a has been involved in “lots of collaborative events this year, including several charity fundraisers”, but that doesn’t stop him from partying hard. To celebrate his birthday last year, Lindsay had a house party in his Northfield residence, where over 60 guests turned up. Despite security shutting it down (“at 11:30 on a Saturday, which I was fuming about”), the gathering was swiftly moved to two other flats so the fun could continue.

“There were tears, skateboard tricks in the kitchen, beer pong, arguments about the DJ, a guy who was so out of it he drank some perfume and went on a fire extinguisher wielding rampage. Partying went on ’til maybe 4 am, at which point we went back to mine with a few peeps and played a birthday poker game which went on ’til 7 am. And I won.”

Is this poker player worth a gamble and giving him your vote?

Adam Harley, Third Year, Economics and Finance

If you are a hardcore fan of The Sussex Tab, you may recognise Adam from last years BNOC competition. Unfortunately for Adam, he did not win, however this year he’s come back with some more stories which involve knuckles saying ‘Send nudes’ and a Christmas dinner at his Grandparents house.

Adam is no stranger to meeting new people, he told The Sussex Tab: “‘I’m a member of Sussex Snow, Vice President of Athletics and Social Sec of Enactus Sussex. I think I’ve thrown myself into university life and had the chance to meet some of the best people. I’ve stumbled along my last three years meeting all sorts of people and always stop by for a chat to see how they’re getting on.

“I know people from most societies at uni and bump into all sorts on nights out, rarely missing a Pryzm Wednesday, Chalk Monday and the other socials from the three main societies I attend.” So, if you see Adam out in Pryzm, give him a wave.

The story we have all been waiting for, the ‘send nudes’ knuckles: “On one of the last days of the (Christmas) Ski trip, without thinking I thought it would be funny to henna the words ‘Send Nudes’ on my knuckles, not realising henna took several weeks to come off. I spent several days doing home removals and even bought concealer to hide it.. though my Parents and Grandparents still managed to see it on Christmas Day.” 

Is Adam the BNOC you have always longed for?

Felix Farrow, Second year, Politics and American studies

Just based on this picture, you already know this one is going to be good. Meet Felix Farrow, he told us that himself and his BNOC election committee struggled to come up with reasons why he’s a worthy contender- here’s what he came up with:

In spite of the doubters, I can swear I will fight this battle tooth and nail, so long as it means that that grit and determination alone crowns me as BNOC. Am I reckless? Yes, I burn through any barrier to reach my goals.” Is this the motivational BNOC King you want?

Felix compared himself to VC Adam Tickell and said: “Like Adam Tickell, I’m a messy bitch that loves high drama.” 

When deciding on which story will sell him as a BNOC winner the most, he concluded: “In the recent Room 76 strike solidarity pub quiz organised by myself and friends at Labour Society. Along with the roof and £50 for striking UCU workers, the night also raised the standards for what is considered an excellent pub quiz – something I believe was down to my excellent work as quiz master.” 

So, I guess the final question is, who do you want to see win? Cast your votes HERE and get ready for round two!



Photo courtesy of Sussex Snow