‘In a time of crisis we need eachother’: Meet the wholesome community of Brighton and Hove Mutual Aid

This group restores all of my faith in humanity

During this worldwide crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, many people are coming together and offering support to one another.

With over 17 thousand members, the Brighton and Hove Mutual Aid Facebook group has been filled with wholesome content, showing just how generous people can be.

Without further ado, here’s where people were supported in their time of need:

People are looking out for new parents and their babies

One new mother took to the group and requested if anyone knew where they can find premature baby nappies and immediately she had over 100 comments offering advice and support.

Another woman responded with:

And thankfully, there are dozens of people kindly putting together ‘baby packs’ for those caring for their little ones and struggling to get all they need from the supermarkets during the outbreak.

 Teachers are stepping in to assist kids stuck at home

As well as supplies such as food and hygiene products, education for those who are now currently at home instead of school is also super important.

Many people who are either graduates or teachers of subjects such as maths and english have been filling their time by offering online tuition to the many kids who are stuck at home.

Coming up with engaging activities for kids stuck at home

Another key aspect to keeping things as normal and familiar as they can be during these strange times is leisurely activities, which is why many people in the group have also been coming up with creative entertainment for kids stuck at home.

People offering virtual fitness classes online

There have been a few fitness instructors who have decided to hold virtual classes for those who want to work out or enjoy some yoga at home. Whether you are super into your fitness or not, a spot of exercise is great for keeping yourself occupied whilst self-isolating.

And for those are too ill or too worried to go out during the pandemic, many people have happily volunteered their dog walking services to ensure that your pooches are exercised too.


Offers to deliver help packs to vulnerable people

In the groups description on Facebook, the admins state: “We will be looking to help people access food, collect prescriptions, complete errands etc.–particularly for those who are elderly, disabled and/or immuno-compromised.

“No prejudice will be tolerated, and whilst this may not become apocalyptic, best case scenario–we show Brighton pulls together in the face of adversity, whether it’s for this or something else in the future.”

Community looking out for community.

Reaching out to those who struggle with mental health

It is important to come together to support each other emotionally during such uncertain times and it is really great to see the amounts of responses of people caring for those who may be especially struggling.

And finally, people are looking out for and appreciating our NHS


So wonderful to see the people of Brighton coming together to help each other out with genuine concern and compassion during a time when we all are uncertain and scared. These are the wholesome humans of Brighton Mutual Aid.

You can find the Facebook group here and they also have links to a whatsapp group as well.