Sussex student starts petition for University to adopt no detriment policy

The petition calls for the univeristy to implement the policy like Exeter and Edinburgh.

A University of Sussex student has started a petition for the University to adopt a no detriment policy when it comes to marking this terms assessments.

The petition has gained over 2,300 signatures in 48 hours and started circulating after Exeter and Edinburgh University announced over the weekend they will be adopting the policy.

The policy means that students grades will not be negatively impacted by any assessment taken during the the Covid-19 pandemic, as long as an overall score of above 40% is achieved.

The petition  outlined, “This is the only way Sussex University can fairly grade any assignments/exams left for this academic year.” The petition also highlights the unfair disadvantage to those students who do not have access to laptops or computers at home during the lockdown.

“If we come out with lowering grades because of differing policies between different Universities, we may be at a disadvantage when it comes to employability.”

You can read and sign the petition here.