Sussex SU election results: Meet your new full time Officers

Results were announced yesterday

Despite the worry surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, Sussex University student union reassured students than elections were not cancelled and for the first time the University of Sussex Student Union elections were held online.

This year, newly founded group, Transform Sussex stormed the elections with all seven members winning the majority of votes and positions as both part time and full time officers.

Here are your new full-time Officers at The University of Sussex SU:

Sports, Societies and Events Officer: Annie O’Connor

Annie, a member of Transform Sussex, won the election against two other candidates.

She promises to prioritise “creating a closer community within student activities, increasing participation with events and giving students easy access information about how their SU works”.

Her full manifesto is available to read here.

Wellbeing Officer: Paris Palmano

His manifesto pledges voters to “raise our expectations of what Sussex can be” being a manifesto “for the students, by the students”.

Paris is also a member of Transform Sussex and his manifesto is available to read here.

Diversity, Access and Participation Officer: Nehaal Bajwa

Nehaal’s aim is to “make sure students are informed and organised to campaign to improve things for everyone” and will ” work with students, not just for them, to make Sussex better for all of us.”

Nehaal’s full manifesto is available to read here.

International Students’ Officer: Ijlal Khalid

Ijlal intend  to address BAME and international academic experience, student experience, wellbeing, hostility and employability. He has been involved with multiple projects this year, such as the BAME Ambassadors project and BAME Leadership program.

You can read his full manifesto here.

Education and Employability Officer: Connor Moylett

Last year, Connor was chair of the SU council and has been involved in campaigns for higher education and climate change at both local and national level. In Connor’s manifesto, he pledges to “fight for student interests in the classroom and beyond.”

You can read Connor’s manifesto here.

Student Living and Sustainability Officer: Roseanne Steffen

Roseanne was the lead organiser for Brighton Youth Strike for Climate and pledges to hold the University to account for it’s climate emergency pledge.

Roseanne’s full manifesto is available to read here.

For all of the election results, including trustees and part time officers, a video announcing all results is available to watch here.